Michael Ragozzino, Private Academic Tutor
Michael Ragozzino, Private Academic Tutor


More Effective than Large Test Prep Companies

Most private tutors from the large test prep companies are college students or recent graduates who have received twenty hours of training and an impersonal tutoring script.


I have spent the past 12 years honing my approach, updating my strategies with each new test, and tailoring my tutoring program to focus specifically on each individual student's needs. The result is a tutoring program crafted specifically to maximize your scores. 


How the Program Works

We'll begin with a brief introductory meeting online. I'll sit down with you and your parents to discuss the tutoring process, your college goals, and the role your test scores play in accomplishing those goals. I'll outline what you can expect from me and the amount of effort and dedication that I will expect from you. We'll also establish your target test date and set a tutoring schedule.


Between our first and second meetings, you will take a practice diagnostic test that will establish how high you can score before tutoring, and reveal your testing strengths and weaknesses. I'll use that diagnostic test to tailor the tutoring to address your specific needs.


Our second meeting will be our first tutoring session. Tutoring sessions typically last between 90 minutes and two hours. The total number of sessions will be based on your starting point and how quickly your scores increase. Most students require 10-12 sessions. We'll meet a minimum of once a week.


In our sessions, I'll teach you strategies for attacking each of the subjects on the test. I'll also teach you how to take the test--how to manage your time, avoid fatigue, and remain calm and confident. You'll complete at least two practice tests during the course of the tutoring in order to assess your progress and help me update my approach to our sessions.



Students often ask me: How many points will my score increase?

Unfortunately, there is no easy answer to that question. Your score increase depends on your starting point. Let's take the SAT as an example. A 250 point increase for a student who starts at a 950 is much different from a 250 point increase for a student who starts at 1300.


However, over the past ten years, I have not had an SAT student whose score increased by fewer than 130 points and I have had twenty-two students increase their scores by 500 points or more. Most importantly, over 93% of my students have achieved the goal scores they set based on their targeted colleges.

Contact Me:

Michael Ragozzino

Phone: 203.816.7936


E-Mail: michael@penntutoring.com

What's New

Now signing up students for the fall SATs and ACTs. 

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