Michael Ragozzino, Private Academic Tutor
Michael Ragozzino, Private Academic Tutor


Below are testitmonials from former test prep students and their parents. As a professor at Ursinus College near Philadelphia, I also have a "Rate My Professor" page. This is what my college students say about me anonymously:




"Michael has been an amazing tutor for my three high school boys that are now in college. All three are good students, but needed some help with SAT preparation. After tutoring with Michael their scores went up several hundred points each. I watched Michael build a very successful tutoring business. He is tremendously respected in our community. We are sad to see him leave the Charlotte area, but know that he will be a valuable asset in Philadelphia."

Jan Sheridan


"My daughter took the SAT the first time for the sole purpose of finding out where her strengths and weaknesses were.  We had heard through numerous people in our community about a great SAT tutor, Michael Ragozzino.  After meeting him the first time with our daughter, we all knew that he was going to be great!  We could just tell how he truly wanted to help her succeed, not just on the SAT, but her future as well.  There really aren't enough words to describe how much he helped our daughter in so many ways.  First of all, he was so knowledgeable about all the subjects and gave her so many great tips for taking the SAT.  He not only worked on her weakness, but also continued to build on her strengths.  In addition, the tips her gave her were things she may never had known about had she not worked with Mike.  He gave her the confidence she needed going into the test day because she felt so ready, and her scores reflected it.  She improved significantly across the board on all subjects, so much that she did not feel the need to take it again.  She has just started the college application process to some amazing schools and we cannot thank Mike enough for helping her get to where she needed to be.  We are truly grateful."
Rosanne Peticca


"Michael Ragozzino is an excellent teacher and his knowledge about the standardized tests (SAT, ACT, etc.) is expert!   He instilled confidence in both of our sons and demystified the exams. They both improved their SAT scores by well over 300 points.  Our oldest was accepted into every school he applied to and is now attending one of the leading colleges in the US. We would highly recommend Michael and have done so to many friends who all expressed total satisfaction with the results of the exams."

Gwen and Jeff Devlin


"Mike is an incredible tutor. He showed me strategies for the SAT reading that helped bring my critical reading score up 190 points. He also helped me come up with a great topic for my college admission essays. With Mike's help, I got into my top school."

Chris Woodward


"We highly recommend Michael Ragozzino as an SAT and ACT tutor. Michael communicated wonderfully with both our son and our daughter. His ability to connect with them, his teaching abilities, and his special way of helping them (in the areas of math, reading, and
writing) were extremely well presented and organized. Our kids succeeded and increased their test scores significantly."
Carmen Dokell
"My daughter was preparing to take her SAT testing in the latter part of her Junior year. Throughout school I have never needed to hire a tutor, however I wanted someone who would review the SAT subject material, as well as the test taking techniques. I heard about Mike Ragozzino through respected friends and they did not steer me wrong! Mike is extremely patient and always thorough in covering the material. He individualizes his teaching on the needs of the student he is working with. My daughter commented that everything she learned, specifically time management, helped her in all her core classes. With the teamwork of both Mike and my daughter, she was able to significantly raise her SAT score. I would recommend Mike Ragozzino without a doubt."  
D. Sam

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