Michael Ragozzino, Private Academic Tutor
Michael Ragozzino, Private Academic Tutor

Who I Am

As a graduate of Trumbull High School and Harvard University, and a professor at Ursinus College near Philadelphia, I know what it takes to get into and succeed in college. I've been helping students crush their SATs, ACTs, and GREs for the past twelve years. I believe that studying (even if it's for a standardized test) should be engaging and enjoyable, and I strive to make my students think, laugh, and learn all at the same time. 


My Philosophy

The Number One Reason Students Struggle

Every student has his or her own unique learning style but most classes are generally taught in only a few traditional ways. Many smart, capable students are left feeling convinced that they're neither smart nor capable, when really they just need to be introduced to the material in a different way. This happens most often in math, because it is a subject that builds on itself from year to year. A student who's flying along with A's and B's inexplicably starts getting C's. Suddenly she becomes convinced that math is just "not her thing," when in reality she is struggling because the teacher's approach isn't the most effective approach for her.


Work Smarter, Not Harder

Throughout my years in the classroom and as a tutor, I've learned how to recognize each student's unique learning style and tailor my instruction accordingly. With the right approach, many students are amazed at how quickly the everyday struggle against schoolwork disappears. My students not only raise their grades and test scores, but also gain the confidence and self-awareness they need to achieve sustainable academic success. 

Contact Me:

Michael Ragozzino

Phone: 203.816.7936


E-Mail: michael@penntutoring.com

What's New

Now signing up students for the fall SATs and ACTs. 

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